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We provide wide range of services focused on home, supporting our customers.

We are continuing our growth as a construction materials trading conglomerate deploying the original brand strategy by supplying not only the various products related to home, but various functions such as logistics, design and construction, trading, and various supports.

Our Business

Our Strength information power with the comprehensive strength and network of ITOCHU Group as a backbone

Making the business and the environmental awareness compatible

Itochu Kenzai Corporation has started the “Chikyugi” (Earth Tree) project in 2007 to proactively handle the products considering the environment and delivering to the customers throughout our business activities. We are making effort to make the business and the environmental awareness compatible by developing the product that utilizes the recyclable plantation trees.

Business flow

We will create a new value in the “construction material business” with an organic link with the affiliated companies.

Since we have split from the ITOCHU Corporation as a construction materials-focused trading company, we have constructed an organic network in various field related to our living space.
We will continue to product community based services and new businesses utilizing the comprehensive power of the group, working together with the suppliers as the construction materials-focused trading company in the midstream.

Correspondence from the downstream to upstream is possible as an entire group utilizing the
comprehensive power of ITOCHU Group with wide range of business areas and network

What we can do

We are pursuing and taking effort to stably supply the high quality products from various countries of the world. We try to improve the quality in wide range of fields not by just constructing the relationship with our suppliers, but by placing local staffs, etc.
We are taking effort to sell the eco-friendly products. We have acquired CoC Certification in 2007, and defined the basic policy regarding the procurement of wood and wood products, and the code of conduct regarding the verification on legality and sustainability.
We have started exporting of some of our products based on the long partnership with the domestic suppliers.