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Itochu Kenzai Group Compliance

1. Basic Approach

In order to implement the high ethical values demanded by the ITOCHU Group's corporate mission "Sampo-Yoshi" (good in three ways: good for the seller, good for the buyer, good for society), we believe it is necessary to construct a compliance system and to continuously enhance, review and revise it.

2. Key Strategies for Enhancing the Compliance System

(1) Constructing and Continuously Improving the Compliance System

We conduct regular reviews and make necessary improvements to our compliance system in order to prevent legal violations.

(2) Continuous Compliance Training

We conduct regular and continual compliance training and awareness-raising activities to ensure that all directors and employees understand and comply with all applicable laws with high ethical standards.

(3) Appropriate Response to Compliance-Related Incidents

In the event of a compliance-related incident, we work to improve our compliance system through a process of determining the cause(s), formulating, implementing and monitoring measures to prevent recurrences, and appropriate internal handling.

3. Itochu Kenzai Group Compliance System Chart

Compliance System and Programs

4. Compliance Hotline (Internal Information Provision System)

Each Itochu Kenzai Group company has established a Compliance Hotline (Internal Information Provision System). In addition to protecting whistleblowers, the establishment of this system also leads to early-stage discovery and rectification of wrongful behavior and the enhancement of the compliance system itself.

5. Compliance Program

To instill the importance of compliance throughout the Group, we have established compliance programs, and are endeavoring to increase the awareness of employees with regard to points for attention in relevant laws and regulations.