The leading company of
building product industry

We are the first in Japan construction materials-focused trading company established
in 1961 involving the “Home” of the ITOCHU Group, established by separating from
the lumber department of ITOCHU Corporation.

Always looking at the future,
providing multiple values

Based on the rigid relationship of trust and the network with the domestic and abroad
partners, we will continue the distinctive challenges of Itochu Kenzai Corporation.

To realize an eco-friendly society
where nature
humankind coexist in harmony

Together with reduction of environmental load by the operation, we are promoting the eco-friendly
products “Chikyugi” (Earth Tree), and a project to promote the eco-friendly activities.

Home fixtures related sales Home fixtures related sales No.1in Japan

Number of companies doing business Number of companies doing business

Number of countries where business occurs Number of countries where business occurs

Established Established 1

Number of employees (non-consolidated) Number of employees

Sales (non-consolidated) Sales (non-consolidated) 1billion Yen

*As of March 31, 2023

About Us

What we can do

We are pursuing and taking effort to stably supply the high quality products from various countries of the world. We try to improve the quality in wide range of fields not by just constructing the relationship with our suppliers, but by placing local staffs, etc.

We are taking effort to sell the eco-friendly products. We have acquired CoC Certification in 2007, and defined the basic policy regarding the procurement of wood and wood products, and the code of conduct regarding the verification on legality and sustainability.

We have started exporting of some of our products based on the long partnership with the domestic suppliers.

Effort against the environment

As a construction materials trading company, we have acquired crisis awareness of the Earth environment from the early
stages, and we are taking effort to make the business and the environmental awareness compatible.

The Chikyugi Project

The Chikyugi Project

Helping achieve a sustainable society through the promotion of eco-friendly products.

Effort against forestry preservation

Effort against forestry

We are actively promoting the procurement of wood products produced from protected forests.



We are participating in the project to reduce the CO2 using the power of gas.