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Privacy Policy

Itochu Kenzai Corporation (hereinafter “the Company”) strives to properly handle and protect the personal information of customer companies and individual customers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “customer”) the Company has acquired, based on this Basic Policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information.

Definition of Personal Information

  1. “Personal Information” shall refer to the following information that can identify and distinguish living individuals.
    1. Name, address, birth date, gender, profession, telephone number, email address, etc.
    2. Information that alone cannot identify and distinguish an individual but which can be easily cross-checked with other information to identify and distinguish an individual.
  2. “Personal Information Database” shall refer to a collection of information, including personal information, which is systemically structured so that specific personal information can be searched using a computer, etc.
  3. “Personal Data” shall refer to personal information that forms part of the personal information database.
  4. “Retained Personal Data” shall refer to information from personal data for which the Company retains management authority and that will be used continuously for a period that exceeds six months.

Management of Personal Information

  1. The Company has formulated internal rules on the secure management of personal information, and implements training as well as awareness sessions on personal information for its employees and employees dispatched to the Company.
  2. The Company strives to ensure security and prevent the illegal access, divulgation, loss, damage, destruction and modification of customer personal information from third parties as well as the taking of personal information offsite improperly.

Acquisition of Personal Information

  1. The Company does not acquire personal information using deceitful or other improper means.
  2. The Company will clearly state the purpose of use when acquiring personal information from customers.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  1. The Company will use personal information only in order to execute services requested from a customer and other related matters to the execution of said services.
  2. When using the personal information of customers beyond the purpose of use stated above, the Company shall receive the consent of the customer after informing the customer beforehand of the purpose of use and the user.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. The Company, excluding any of the following instances, will not provide the personal data of customers to a third party. In addition, such provision shall be within the scope of the purpose of use, and only the minimum information necessary of the retained personal data shall be provided.
    1. When consent is received from the customer
    2. When such information is in a state where it cannot identify or distinguish an individual customer
    3. When providing to an outsourcer within the necessary scope in order to achieve the purpose of use
    4. When the Company must cooperate with a national government organization or local government organization for it to perform duties stipulated in laws or ordinances
    5. In other instances based on the stipulations of laws and ordinances
  2. The Company enters into contracts with third parties regarding the protection of personal information to ensure that third parties properly handle and protect the personal information of customers and prevent the divulgation, re-provision to other third parties, disclosure, and use outside the scope of the purpose of use of said personal information.

The Disclosure, Revision, Termination of Use, Erasure of Personal Information

  1. A customer that wishes to request the disclosure, revision, termination of use or erasure of retained personal data of customers held by the Company based on Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information is asked to contact the Company. In order to prevent divulgation and ensure accuracy and security, after the inquiry is confirmed to be from the customer him/herself, the Company will investigate without delay to the extent possible and disclose, etc., the retained personal data of the customer.
  2. The Company will contact without delay the customer making the inquiry and inform him/her of whether the disclosure, etc., from (1) above will be executed or not. In addition, if the disclosure, etc., cannot be executed, the Company will strive to explain the reason for such.

Changes in this Basic Policy

This Basic Policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information may be revised or changed when required. Please refer to latest information published on the Company’s website (


Please direct inquiries regarding the personal information of customers or this Basic Policy concerning the Protection of Personal Information to the contact point noted below.
Contact Point: Itochu Kenzai Corporation

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