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Corporate Vision

We have established a new corporate vision for the future to mark our 50th anniversary.

Our Mission

Significance of Existence — Defines our commitment and universal promise to greater society.

Pursue all possibilities found in people,companies, commodities and services relating to living spaces.Provide new values and affluence to places where people live.

Our Vision for the Future

Corporate Vision — Defines the targets we must fulfill in order to achieve our mission. This vision extends 10 years into the future.

For Our Business Partners
Leverage Itochu Kenzai Corporation’s access to dynamic information, bold and assertive actions and extensive Group network to create the businesses of tomorrow.
For Society
Connect and serve the varying needs of humankind and the planet globally to help improve the earth’s environment and enhance living spaces.
For Our Employees
Foster a corporate culture that values new ideas and solutions as well as empowers all employees to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Way: Our Plan of Action

Action Plan — Defines the fundamental actions required to achieve our vision.

Connect our business partners, ideas and markets, people and people as well as today and the future.
Create the new businesses of tomorrow, new possibilities for construction materials, new values, and people.
Serve needs, expectations, trust and society’s requests.

Our Values

Values and Decision-making Criteria — Defines the core corporate culture and values that must be shared with employees to achieve our vision.

  • Inventiveness that leads to new discoveries
  • Sensibility that depicts new possibilities and the future
  • Flexible thinking abilities grounded in wide-reaching perspectives
  • Strong aspirations unsatisfied with the status quo
  • Strong mental fortitude to face and solve challenges
  • The ability to take action and continually tackle changes while being unafraid of change
  • An honesty and integrity that is always thankful
  • Highly esteemed ethical values as a member of the ITOCHU Group