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Business Support


Making the business and the environmental awareness compatible

Characteristics 1: Reduction of environmental load caused by operation

The environmental load caused by operation is reduced by constructing an environmental management system, and with the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle.

Characteristics 2: The “Chikyugi”(Earth Tree) project

the “Chikyugi” (Earth Tree) project was started on 2007, promoting the eco-friendly products and the project to drive the eco-friendly activities.

Chikyugi (Earth Tree) project


Trading and distribution functions utilizing the strength of ITOCHU Group

Characteristics 1: Trading network to various countries

We are closely linking with many suppliers by travelling to various countries in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and South America to stably supply large varieties of products while maintaining the price and delivery date. Also, to answer the wide range of needs, we not only process the product abroad, but we also export domestic products mainly to countries around Asia.

Characteristics 2:  By-building delivery, just-in delivery functions

Including our affiliated company, Unimatec Co., Ltd., we have the functions of by-building delivery and just-in delivery mainly in the Kanto area.



We have the design/construction function linked to the Itochu Kenzai Corporation group.

Characteristics 1: Design/construction function of home

Unimatec Co., Ltd. and Maltics SANYO CO., LTD., our affiliate companies, have the capability to perform cost estimations and construction work for exterior walls and outer ditches for houses to be newly built or remodeled, and other home construction tasks. Making use of materials procurement synergies with ITOCHU KENZAI, they offer integrated support for the construction of houses.

Characteristics 2: Other design/construction functions

Even though we are construction materials trading company, we have the construction function due to the cooperation with our affiliate company, IS ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. It is our strength that we can provide abundant information and advices on the business opportunities utilizing the advanced construction technology achieved through the alliance with the ITOCHU Group, accumulated know-hows, and rigid network with the developers, general construction companies, and construction companies.


Business Support Services

We will support the business of the customers from various angles.

Characteristics 1: IT solution

We are supporting the construction of the system to support the streamlining of the daily business including the logistics, and supporting the business strategies.

Characteristics 2: Partner service club

We provide agency function for the application of certificate of certified home, etc., proposal of packages, and information of home policies through mail magazine and workshops to contribute to the “construction of reassured, safe, energy conservative, and comfortable house” through the home support.

Characteristics 3: Support for applying for long-life quality home, etc.

We are providing various supports such as being an agent for application of technical review to acquire the certificate of conformance required to construct a long-life quality home, etc.

Business Support Services