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Effort against the environment

Reduction of environmental load by the operation, and promotion of the eco-friendly activities and the eco-friendly products are promoted.

List of effort against the environment

Environmental Policy

Under our environmental policy we are aspiring to help create an eco-friendly society where nature and humankind coexist in harmony

In June 2006, Itochu Kenzai Corporation established the current environmental policy under the recognition that addressing environmental issues is an important corporate management task and challenge that should be addressed as a part of the company’s broader corporate social responsibilities. Since then, we have established an environmental management system and have worked to reduce the burden our business activities place on the environment by implementing the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle. Beginning in 2007, we launched the “Chikyugi” (Earth Tree) business and since then we have also undertaken projects that promote the spread of eco-friendly products and eco-friendly activities. As part of our aspiration to help create an eco-friendly society where nature and humankind coexist in harmony, we continue to educate our employees and also continue to work closely with our partners with the goal of strengthening our initiatives for the environment.

Itochu Kenzai Corporation Environmental Policy

The building materials sold and services provided by Itochu Kenzai Corporation are closely interconnected with global environmental issues.

Itochu Kenzai Corporation believes that aspiring to become a functional business, while pursuing the possibilities of natural environment conservation and delivering safe, sound and secure materials and services to customers, will help promote the development of a recycling-oriented society that coexists with nature.

Itochu Kenzai Corporation promises to develop and sell products that are considerate toward the environment as well as provide customers with access to a broad range of eco-friendly products.

Itochu Kenzai Corporation will aspire to pass on a better natural environment to future generations and defines the following environmental guidelines as part of its commitment to help create an eco-friendly society where nature and humankind coexist in harmony.

  1. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will make efforts to continually improve and enhance the company’s environmental performance and environmental management system by stipulating environmental objectives and targets as well as correctly ascertaining the company’s impact on the environment through all of its business activities. The company will also perform regular reviews.
  2. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will work to reduce environmental risk by striving to prevent and stop indirect and direct environmental pollution due to the company’s business activities and by making voluntary efforts toward environmental conservation.
  3. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will make the following efforts at its business sites:
    1. Reduce energy usage;
    2. Reduce paper usage;
    3. Reduce waste; and
    4. Implement green procurement.
  4. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will make the following efforts toward its products and in its relationships with its customers:
    1. Promote and expand the company’s offerings of eco-friendly building materials and home fixtures and systems;
    2. Promote building systems effective in protecting the environment, energy efficiency, resource conservation, and recycling in the company’s sales activities of home and building materials; and
    3. Propose solutions to pollution and promote awareness of environmental conservation and preservation among customers and partners.
  5. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will comply with laws, regulations, ordinances and agreements relating to the company’s business activities as well as other requirements agreed upon by the company.
  6. Itochu Kenzai Corporation will contribute to the development of eco-friendly social systems and seek to thoroughly educate employees about the company’s environmental policy through the promotion of environmental education and in-house public relations activities.
  7. The employees of Itochu Kenzai Corporation will make efforts to raise their awareness toward the environment, to adhere to the values of a Green Spirit (eco-friendly mindset), and to improve the environment.
  8. This environmental policy shall be announced both inside and outside of the company.

Hiroshi Sekino
President and Chief Executive Officer
Itochu Kenzai Corporation
April 2022